Meet Mac

General Contractor/Owner 

Mac Chambers comes from a long line of builders, and tradesmen. While earning a degree in fine arts at The Herron School of Art in Indiana, and teaching art classes, Mac often accompanied his Father on the job, learning the of his skills of a master plumber and construction worker. The combination of on the job training in framing, drywall, finish carpentry and an art school’s attention to creativity and detail, is the foundation for Mac’s successful remodel company Remodeling Chambers. Mac not only has the skills of the trade, but also the creative mind to make any fresh remodel dream into a reality. His positive attitude and down to earth personality are an added bonus, making this company an excellent and solid choice for whatever your upcoming project may be.

About the Company

Remodeling Chambers provides a transparent, step-by-step design and bidding process that takes the guesswork out of achieving the vision you have for your project, at the right price. Over the past 18 years, Remodeling Chambers has developed an estimate and planning formula that makes sure your project stays within budget and on time; and the attention to detail, craftsmanship & passion for excellence begins with founder and head contractor Mac Chambers.